Why Doodle?

  • Experience: We’ve been providing summer day camps since 2002.
  • Innovative Program: Designed by expert curriculum directors, it’s hands-on, experiential and based on leading research and theory.
  • Maker-Empowered Learning: Yes, we’re familiar with the buzz words. At Doodle, kids actually make amazing things using real tools and unconventional materials.
  • Programs for Ages 3+: When you’re trying to teach something this important, you can never start too soon.
  • Array of Experiences: From our Maker and 3D Art Labs to our specialty activities in our ‘X’ Lab to our weekly field trips into nature, no other program offers this breadth of experience.
  • Loving Staff: Our passionate and enthusiastic team choose Doodle year after year for one reason – they love our kids! Our team is made up of professional educators, creators, makers, dreamers, and doers. Thousands apply but only the very best applicants make it through our hiring process.


What You’ll See at Doodle

First off, you’ll see smiles; big ones that reflect the children’s engagement, and their sense of self-confidence that goes with knowing that they have what it takes to rise up and meet the challenge presented.

You’ll see children, working independently and collaboratively, intently focused on making creative solutions of their own design. You’ll see them building both hard and soft skills to make them more well-rounded people.

And you’ll see our team – encouraging, coaching, ‘guiding from within,’ igniting creativity, gently challenging, supporting every idea, fostering collaboration and laughing and being silly right alongside. After all, we’re all just big kids at heart!

Our Philosophy

Our mission is simple: to incubate your child’s creative intelligence.

CIQ is the ability and mindset to bring unique solutions to life. And the best part is – it’s teachable. Everyone is born with the creative “muscle;” we teach kids how to “flex” it by connecting their dots of knowledge.

We live in an incredibly exciting era in human history. From Apple to Facebook to Uber, technology is rapidly changing our world.

To truly educate our children for the future, we believe they need to:

  • Learn how to think, not be told what to think.
  • Be able to reframe any situation through a new lens.
  • Be empowered to become a “me.”

In both our programs, children are constructors or “makers” of their own experiences and learning. We provide the scaffolding, resources, love and support to allow your child to push the boundaries of his/her creative intelligence in a loving and safe environment.

Ten years ago, no one would have imagined the resources to which children now have access. Tools and materials that, with the right coaching, can deliver that magic balance of enriching summer experience that is socially, emotionally, and academically meaningful, while still FUN!

And that is why we created Doodle.

Our Four Pillars of Creative Intelligence


We live in a designed society. The objects around us and the way in which we interact are all due to decisions that can be changed.

Children will begin to deconstruct the world around them and realize that they have the ability to change things through making.


Creativity does not occur in a vacuum. Meaningful ideas have intention and context to the people and environments that were their inspiration.

Children will learn to recognize opportunities for creation through their interactions with both their peers and the natural world.


It’s not enough to imagine new ideas; you should bring them to life.

Children will discover their own interests and passions to fuel their drive to dream and to create.


Everyone has the ability to create. Yet if you ask any group of adults if they identify as creative, only 25% will raise their hand. That is a huge waste of talent!

Children will build confidence in their own creative abilities and feel empowered to bring their ideas to life.